Copy Editing

We are Copy Editors.

Having a copy editor review and edit your writing enables you to publish your work with confidence. That's why, Writeable carries out essential checks to ensure your writing flows smoothly, removing any errors as we go.

No one wants to publish content laden with mistakes, which is why we correct spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors, as well as context and formatting issues. Additionally, we rectify any ambiguous language and streamline wordy sentences to ensure your writing is clear and concise.

You can rest assured that we will not alter the intended message of your work. Through our collaborative approach, we maintain close communication to ensure we understand your written content accurately. And, as a result of our vigorous checks, you should feel ready to share your work with the world.

Our Copy Editing Services

An extra pair of eyes on your written work can only ever benefit your writing. Allowing you to feel empowered to publish your written work, safe in the knowledge it is error-free.

We Copy Edit.

If you want to ensure your writing reads well and flows smoothly, it is time to hire a copy editor. We will rewrite unclear passages and sharpen your key points, to enhance the message you intend to deliver to your readers. Additionally, we ensure the facts are consistent throughout your written work. As a result, we return your work in its most comprehensive form. Our copy-editing process will ensure your writing:

  • Makes sense and reads well.
  • Uses grammar, punctuation, and terminology appropriately.
  • Explains complicated jargon.
  • Highlights your central points.
  • Uses language and formatting consistently.
  • Maintains your message to ensure your readers reach the intended conclusions.
  • Clarifies ambiguous text to deliver accurate statements.
We aim to help you achieve the very best from your written work. So, if you are looking for a copy editor get in touch and let us know your requirements.

"A copy editor's work is largely invisible, until she misses something, in which case she takes the blame. But most important is that a copy editor stands in for the reader, gingerly reshaping, clarifying, and correcting things before the reader can see them and post an excoriating comment."

~ Merrill Perlman

Former New York Times editor

Why is Copy Editing Important?

'42.5% of UK consumers stated poor spelling or grammar as a factor most likely to damage their view of a brand.'

Source: Disruptive Communication

'74% of consumers confirmed they tended to notice the quality of spelling or grammar on a company's website.'

Source: Global Lingo

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