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Why SEO is Important for Small Businesses

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why SEO is important for small businessesThe term SEO is banded about a lot across the internet these days. The assumption is that we are so internet savvy, everyone is familiar with such terminology. But talking to a friend the other day, discussing plans for her new business, it became apparent that’s not the case. But here at Writeable, we can change that…

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. And in the digital age, it is an important process for any online business, big or small. Let’s put it simply if you want customers to visit your shop, you ensure there’s access by road or footpath. Perhaps, if your business is a little off the beaten track, you even add signposts.

The online marketplace is no different. In order for your potential customers (traffic) to access your website, they need a path to find you.  It may or may not surprise you to know that 93% of internet journeys begin with a search engine nowadays. This means your website needs to be getting found in search results if your business is going to get discovered online.

But, it’s not just about getting found in search engines. It’s about the position you hold! Search Engine Journal reports that 75% of internet users don’t even bother to search beyond the first page of results. This means, businesses really do need to invest time or money in developing their SEO strategy to hold a spot in the first ten listings of Google.

Why SEO is Important for Small Businesses

Small to medium businesses accounted for 99% of all businesses in the UK last year, that’s around 6 million businesses. That means a lot of small businesses will be competing for the same page one Google results unless, of course, you have a particularly rare niche.

Times are tough right? Many small businesses have been closed for the best part of a year. Thank goodness for the internet, equipping (most of) us to sell our goods or services online.

So, how do you compete? How do you avoid that disheartening slump when you Google your business (we all do it, right?) only to find your site listed on page 27, while your closest competitor is result number three on page one.

Luckily for small businesses, they are rarely chasing the same customers as global giants. Small businesses typically compete on a local level against businesses similar to their own.

How SEO Can Help Your Small Business

The purpose of SEO is to increase the visibility and awareness of your business over a small geographical area. To drive visitors to your website and to boost inquiries and sales. Because let’s be honest, traditional advertising like placing ads in newspapers, on the television and radio, is not only expensive but it’s not the way forward.

Smartphones, Google, Social Media… they have all changed the marketing landscape with a proven way to win new business because:

  • Access is quick.
  • Adverts are visual.
  • Consumers are well-targeted.
  • Websites (the window into your business) are visible.
  • Content is optimised.

Small Businesses

We hear you. You’re a small business. You wear many hats. You work long hours and still don’t have the budget or resources to implement an effective internet marketing strategy. Even those of you with the know-how are struggling to find hours in the day.

But SEO is an important process. It will widen your reach and attract more customers. First thing’s first, you need a website. If you don’t have a website, contact the gurus at Cyber Sushi Design. They are friendly and quite frankly fabulous!

Once you have a website, you need to ensure it is supercharged with powerful content optimised with your keywords. Creating content is the best and most cost-effective way to lure traffic to your website. If you don’t have time to create website content, blogs, landing pages, eBooks, social media posts… we can create SEO content or as we refer to it, writing to rank… content to connect!

Kick-Off Your SEO Campaign

There are many approaches to SEO that we will discuss in future blogs. Right now, we are here to tell you how to tackle these quick wins, to help you kick off your SEO campaign.


  1. Set Up Google Analytics and Google Search Console – These tools will allow you to track growth, understand how visitors engage with your website and show you how Google views it.
  2. Get to Grips with Keyword Research – Discovering the keywords your target audience use to find your competitors will help you optimise your website content.
  3. Understand Who Your Competition Is – Google your keywords e.g. gift shop Amersham, to discover who is outranking you. Check out their websites and use your takeaways to set your site up for success.
  4. Review your Website – Use your keywords and competitor analysis to ensure your website is optimised with relevant phrases to boost where your site ranks.
  5. Create Content that Engages Your Target Audience –  Content is the foundation of all internet marketing strategies, write for humans and optimise for search-bots. This doesn’t mean stuff your keywords in at any given opportunity, keep it natural.
  6. Optimise Your On-Page SEO – This means page titles, meta descriptions and heading title tags. We will touch on this in a later blog, but if you can’t wait check out our eBook on Understanding SEO.
  7. Create Relevant Online Listings for Your Website – Listing your business in reputable online directories creates backlinks, which will increase your SEO score.
  8. Set Yourself Up with a Google My Business Page – This is a free Google profile, detailing relevant details to those searching for more about you.

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And that is why SEO is important for small businesses. The tasks to kickstart your SEO campaign might seem like a lot to work through, but starting off with these quick and easy tasks will help build the foundation of your SEO strategy. Good luck kicking off your campaign.

We are always here to answer any questions about why SEO is important for small businesses like yours. If you’d like regular tips on how to boost your brand online, head on over to Facebook or Instagram and follow us. For help with writing to rank… content to connect, to enhance your online presence, get in touch with us here at Writeable, based in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, on 07814 655 438. We are here for all of your content writing needs.