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Word of the Week: Apricate

Word of the Week: Apricate

Copywriters Princes RisboroughHappy Good Friday one and all, from Writeable, copywriters Princes Risborough. It’s a great day for catching up with family and friends, so enjoy responsibly and hopefully, we’ll be enjoying a little more of what we used to regard as normal very soon.

We hope you’ve all enjoyed apricating in your back gardens with friends this week. The heatwave, while brief, came at a great time as phase one of easing COVID restrictions happened here in the UK.

Word of the Week: Apricate

This week’s word of the week is the verb, apricate. A Latin term that means to bask in the sunshine, which is exactly what we did this week. We took our work into the garden, apricated and took in some much-needed vitamin D. It has after all been a long, tough winter in lockdown. Our children even donned their school shorts, and oh my, their pale little legs certainly knew it. By the end of the day, knees were grazed and shins muddied. But we all thoroughly enjoyed being able to apricate in the park with friends in a group of six.

Weather Forecasters  Copywriters Princes RisboroughHappy Easter

And now it’s the school holidays, snow has been forecast for the week ahead. So we hope you enjoyed apricating, while you could, we hope you haven’t put away your winter wardrobe just yet. In the meantime, enjoy the Easter weekend, it might not be as warm as during the week but at least the spring sunshine is hanging around over the bank holiday so we can have a long overdue catch-up and celebrate with family members. And there’s your weather forecast for the week, straight from Writeable, copywriters Princes Risborough. For more information about our copywriting services, get in touch with Writeable on 07814 655 438.

Have a lovely Easter Weekend!