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5 Things You Must Do Before You Publish Your Next Blog

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blog writingWhether you are blog writing for personal or professional reasons, your ultimate goal is to get your blog post read. For that to happen your blog post needs to appear in search engines, which means you need to get to grips with SEO because people don’t typically scroll pages and pages of results to find your masterpiece. So, before you post your next blog, check out these essential steps to ensure people can discover and read your content.

Before you publish your next blog you must:

1. Research keywords

Before you write a single word for your next blog post, it’s essential to carry out keyword research. This will help you identify the words and phrases your target audience uses to search for information about your chosen topic on Google.

There are a variety of tools available to help you identify keywords, e.g. SEMrush.

2. Optimise for search engines

If you’re using a WordPress site, there are various plugins that will help you optimise your blog posts. Plugins such as Yoast, All In One SEO (AIOSEO) and Rank Math enable you to enter your keywords and return information where your content is lacking.

3. Link to other blog posts and pages

Linking to other pages within your website (across the same domain) is known as internal linking. When writing a blog post it is useful to direct readers to other pages across your site that relate to the post they are reading. This keeps them on your site longer and provides them with more useful information. Ensure anchor text – that’s the text you create as a link – is relevant to your keyword and linking page.

4. Optimise your featured image

Before uploading images to your blog, don’t forget to compress them using a tool such as TinyPNG. This will optimise the image size and prevent your web pages from loading slowly, promoting a better user experience.

It’s also necessary to make the image title something related to the topic of your blog post, e.g. include your target keyword, such as “blog writing.”

5. Include a call to action

While it’s very important for your blog post to get found on Google, it’s pointless if your content doesn’t convert. Including a call to action will tell readers what you want them to do next, so whether you are looking for them to sign up for your newsletter, make a sale or download a PDF, use actionable language to direct them to your desired outcome.

Blog Writers UK

As UK blog writers, we follow the above checklist when writing content for web pages or blogs. If you lack the time to write your own blog posts and optimise them, we can do this on your behalf.

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