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Boost your Business Online with an SEO Copywriter

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CopywritersThis week, the UK public headed straight out of lockdown and through the freshly opened doors of ‘non-essential’ businesses, all of which were brimming to their COVID-19 regulated capacity. Shops, bars, restaurants, gyms… all filled with consumers tired of being cooped up and kept away from their favourite retailers. That’s not to say they haven’t been sat at home consuming, albeit online, but this week they heard the cries from the high street and did their bit to help save small, local businesses from extinction.


Futureproof your Business

Now, if any of us have learnt anything over the course of the past year, it’s to expect the unexpected. And while the UK is currently on a path out of lockdown, we’ve been here before (minus the vaccine). We can only hope COVID has imprisoned us in our homes for the last time and that vaccination progress will continue to reduce the deaths and case numbers we’ve all heard so much about in the media.

Meanwhile, in the here and now, small businesses need to relish the opportunity to get back to business as normal, while developing their contingency plans should the world go awry again.

We know from experience that businesses caught on pretty quickly, understanding that they needed an online presence, either in the form of a website or a webshop. And by now, we hope you have managed to get the foundations of your website up and running (if not we can highly recommend Cyber Sushi Design). But, are you up to speed on how to get your essential online shop window working for you?

Websites Make the World Go Round, Copywriting Makes It Spin!

Is your business internet-ready should the world outside shut down again? And by that we mean, is your online presence – your website, social media profiles, search engine rankings – ready to entice visitors in, keep them hooked and encourage them to buy from only you?

Because if not, it’s time to get to grips with SEO Copywriting. That’s what we do here at Writeable. Some of you might not necessarily know what that means, but rest assured, we are here to tell you more.

Writeable – Writing to rank… Content to Connect!

Here’s the straightforward part. Small businesses, like yours, typically hire SEO copywriters, like us, to:





Manage projects

Plan content

Manage social media

Create email campaigns

Carry out search engine optimisation (SEO)

And typically we write the following types of content:

Blog entries

Website content





Social media posts


Case Studies


What Benefits Do SEO Copywriters Offer?

Traditionally, a copywriter was responsible for creating hardcore sales copy. But times have changed, with internet search well and truly altering the traditional advertising and marketing playing fields. These days, copywriters write content that creates trust in a brand and promotes businesses as an authority to build connections. Such copy, while still a pitching tool, uses the power of persuasion in a far more subtle fashion.

Right now, no business needs to be left behind. And SEO copywriters can help you develop your brand online to ensure your business doesn’t miss out on opportunities. By fulfilling an essential internet marketing role, a copywriter does far more than just write. Typically, a copywriting project requires writers to:

  • Take a step back and assess your business challenges.
  • Research your industry, competitors and target audience.
  • Establish your keywords and phrases.
  • Help you find the right tone of voice through which to address your audience.
  • Enhance the personality of your brand.
  • Identify your unique selling point.
  • Embrace the strengths of your business.
  • Recognise the issues your customers want to resolve.
  • Position your brand as having the solution to your customers’ problems.
  • Sharpen your words.
  • Use relevant language and call-to-actions.
  • Optimise content to ensure you get found in search engines.

We piece all of these actions together to create writing to rank… content to connect! What more could you want to help your website scale the ranks of Google, ensuring your target audience find you 24/7, even after your doors are closed.

Do You Need To Hire A Copywriter?

Consider this, if you are a small business that has just been allowed to reopen its doors, you are probably very busy right now. Whether you’re building your empire from scratch or doing your best to boost business the way you know how, and that’s what you do best, therefore your core function is where your attention is best placed. So why not let a professional copywriter take on the task of boosting your business online? It will certainly show your customers you are taking your brand seriously and allow you to focus on the bigger picture.

Content that is written from a clear perspective often offers more chances to unlock opportunities. Choose Writeable and let us do what we do best! That’s focussing on enhancing the readability and visibility of your website content, engaging your audience and gently persuading them to buy, buy buy!

Call Writeable, SEO Copywriters Buckinghamshire

So if you are looking to unlock the door to online success, Writeable, copywriters Buckinghamshire has the key! For more information about our services get in touch with us on 07814 655 438 today.

And why not share with other small businesses that could benefit from our SEO copywriting services in Buckinghamshire, after all, sharing is caring!