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Happy New Year from Writeable!

Happy New Year Happy New Year folks! We hope you enjoyed the festive break celebrating with your family and friends. It’s 2022, and so far it’s off to a better start than 2021. Last year we welcomed in the new year and swiftly entered another full lockdown, and the work – homeschool juggle began all over again. (I think I speak for the majority of working parents when I say, no one wants to return to that anytime soon.)

Make Plans – Take Action – Achieve Goals

Touch wood, it doesn’t currently look like we’re headed that way here in the UK, so it’s time to start the new year by allowing ourselves to make plans (albeit safely and in line with the relevant rules and regulations). We need to stop being fearful of making plans that might get thwarted by the dreaded COVID and all its variants. It’s time to start making plans, taking action and achieving our goals. Do you remember those days? Are you ready to get back to that? I know we are hoping to, here at Writeable HQ.

Happy New Year From Writeable

Happy New Year from Writeable! Let’s take 2022 by storm and make it one to remember for all the right reasons. Here’s to everything you hope to achieve in 2022! We wish you all the best in your endeavours.