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4 Tips To Rank Better On Google

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Blog writingNot gaining traffic to your website? There’s a way you can fix that with SEO copywriting!

We know, it can be time-consuming to create great blog content. As a busy business owner, finding a window of time to devote to blog writing can prove difficult. Let alone all of the upfront research. And that’s before you even get your creative juices flowing and start writing your blog. Yet, even after you’ve gone to all this effort and published your blog, it can be demoralising, when you later check the stats and discover your blog is nowhere to be found on Google.

At Writeable, we craft blog content to connect with relevant audiences and to rank well for keywords on search engines. By utilising best practice SEO methods, your content can rank better too. So what do you need to know for your content to show up on Google?

Here are a few tips to boost where your blog posts rank, without the need to shell out on paid ads.

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is the process of using keywords to create online content that serves its readers and that search bots understand. The purpose – to get your web pages ranking well. The process involves conducting keyword research and ensuring your article is easy to read and packed with relevant information to gain the interest of your target audience.

4 Tips for Writing to Rank

1. Optimise Blog Titles and Headings

For your blog to rank, Google’s search bots must understand what your content is all about. Clear headings that utilise relevant keywords help crawlers skim your work, understand what it’s about and rank it accordingly. To achieve this your title and headings need to reflect the nature of your article. This will help your blog stand more chance of showing up on search engine results pages (SERPs) when someone enters a relevant search query.

2. Write for Humans, Optimise for Search Bots

It’s easy to get wrapped up in keywords, backlinks, alt text and other SEO tricks when creating blog posts. But the purpose of your content is to engage your reader, and that won’t happen if you don’t focus on making your content readable.

Google’s algorithm – a series of metrics against which your web pages are assessed – measures how long visitors spend on your pages. So if your content doesn’t cut the mustard you won’t achieve a first-page ranking.

Google ranks web pages it considers to clearly answer the questions searchers need answering. When you write, ask yourself ‘am I providing a clear, valuable response to the question?’. Over time, great content writing will see your following grow, encourage engagements and help your website climb the ranks of Google.

3. Write Meta Descriptions

Add clearly written meta descriptions optimised with one or two keywords to all of your web pages! A meta description provides a short introduction to your content on the results page of Google. It should also prove enticing enough to encourage searchers to click through to your page.

4. Use SEO Keywords Carefully

Avoid overstuffing content with keywords because it won’t read well and Google won’t reward you for it. It’s important to tuck keywords neatly into your copy, to ensure the text flows for readers. Your message will hit home more effectively if you write concisely.

If you’re starting out, you should target long-tail, low competition keywords that are relevant to your niche. There are plenty of free online keyword planning tools that can help you research keywords including UberSuggest and SEMRush.

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If you find yourself seriously low on time, Writeable, experts in SEO Copywriting Buckinghamshire, craft fabulous SEO blogs and website content to help boost your SEO ranking on Google. Get in touch with us today for Writing to Rank… Content to Connect!

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