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Help Boost your Business with a Blog

Blog writers buckinghamshireHas there ever been a better time to start a blog? Internet usage is through the roof, as lockdown has everyone at home heavily reliant on it for work, education, shopping, and entertainment.

If your small business doesn’t have a blog, now really is a great time to start one. Writeable – blog writers Buckinghamshire – is here to tell you about the many benefits of blogging.

What is a Blog?

Blogging dates back to 1994. The format was first known as a ‘web log’ and took the form of an online journal. As the popularity of the internet has grown, so has the importance of blogging. And these days, a blog can be anything.

Over the years, businesses have realised the potential of the blog format as a powerful marketing tool. It has become a popular way of communicating and building relationships with audiences. What’s more, it helps businesses communicate product launches, offer advice and keep people updated with industry trends.

More people are getting online since businesses have had to close due to COVID-19. As a result of more people using the internet, your business stands more chance of being found. And this is why now is a great time to start a blog!

Why Should My Business Start a Blog?

The benefits of blogging are not always obvious. However, with 77% of internet users reading or subscribing to blogs, there is no excuse not to have one. Think about it, unless someone wants to purchase from you, for what other reason would they visit your site? With a blog and well-targeted posts, you provide a reason to visit your website more often.

Publishing a regular blog can keep your brand in the minds of those interested in what you sell. What’s more, those people can even go on to recommend you. Check out the benefits a blog can offer your business:

  • Generates more business.
  • Supports your SEO strategy.
  • Helps you get found online.
  • Earns your brand credibility.
  • Builds brand awareness.
  • Drives traffic to your website.

Additionally, writing a blog is effective and inexpensive.

Writing to Rank…

The more content you publish, the more pages search engines have to index. In return, your blog and website have a greater chance of ranking for your keywords.

But it is important to remember that it takes more than keywords to help you rank. The content you publish needs to be well written and relevant to your target audience. Content must be entertaining, educational and inspiring. It should add value to the lives of your readers. As a result, you increase the chances of building relationships with potential customers.

You also create the opportunity to be seen as a thought leader within your industry. Showing off your knowledge helps your audience trust your expertise, enhancing the potential for increased recommendations and sales growth.

Content that connects!

Successful brands connect with their target audience on an emotional level. Through their blog, they demonstrate an understanding of the needs of prospective customers, helping them feel connected to the brand. By writing as though you are talking to a friend, you can help your personality shine through.

Additionally, writing a blog means you always have content to share on social media. Interacting across social media platforms can help your brand stay in the minds of your followers.

A blog is an invaluable resource. If you don’t have a blog, start one because blogging will help you build awareness of your brand, boost sales and get your business found on Google.

Writeable – Blog Writers Buckinghamshire

At Writeable, we understand you might not have the time to plan, write, optimise and share blog posts. But that’s where we can help! If you decide to launch a blog but find there aren’t enough hours in the day, get in touch with Writeable – blog writers Buckinghamshire. Contact us on 07814 655 438 because Writeable can help you create great blog content.

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Writing to Rank… Content to Connect!

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