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Word of the Week: Efflorescence

Word of the Week: Efflorescence

If you are fascinated by the English language and like to expand your vocabulary, then Writeable’s ‘Word of the Week’ feature is for you. As Buckinghamshire-based copywriters, it is our job to write comprehensively to ensure our readers understand what we are saying. However, we do enjoy expanding our vocabulary and helping others to do the same. Here we introduce the first instalment of our weekly feature ‘Word of the Week.’

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We aim to introduce you to weird and wonderful words. Words that are used less frequently in everyday conversation, helping to expand knowledge and vocabulary. And each week, we will put our featured word to use in our blog, using it to describe something topical. Feel free to join in, making use of our ‘Word of the Week, or choosing a word of your own. Head on over to our Facebook or Instagram page and get involved.

Word of the week: Efflorescence


Meaning: the time and process of budding and unfolding of blossoms; to bloom; to blossom.

We don’t know about you, but Spring is our all-time favourite month of the year. And today marks the first day of spring, so this morning we headed outdoors, and it was more than apparent that the efflorescence of spring is upon us. Maybe you’ve noticed too?

Spring offers so much promise. The promise of new things, new life, a time to embrace the beauty of the world around us. Now more than ever, as lockdown lingers on, we need hope. We need to see the efflorescence of the world around us.

Spring is the season that brings the transformation from darkness to light. The sun has already started setting later, and when Daylight Saving Time begins on Sunday 28th March and the clocks spring forward an hour, we can enjoy the longer, brighter days ahead. And as cold, grey days transform, we can indulge in those filled with an abundance of colour and warmth.

If there’s one thing we all need after this turbulent year of COVID-19 lockdowns, it is the hope of new life and new beginnings. And with the light, bright spring days, colourful blooms, and new life, there are hopeful signs that life will effloresce again.

Ahead of World Poetry Day tomorrow, Sunday 21st March 2021, we thought we’d share a poem a member of the team recently wrote about Spring.

The First Day of Spring

Signs of spring are everywhere,

Flowers blooming here and there –

Emerging from the sodden mud,

Trees grow green with leaves and bud,

While birds build nests among the branches,

As spring appears and winter stanches.

Lambs a-skipping in the fields,

With promises of what fresh life yields,

And everywhere a sense of new,

A glimmer of sun in the sky so blue –

Beckoning you to head outdoors,

Forget spring cleaning and all those chores,

As life emerges from the old,

And days grow warm, forcing out the cold.

~ J.C.