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Avoid Making These Website Copywriting Mistakes

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We can all write, right? We can all put pen to paper and tell the world what our business does, how we can help, what we deliver and how to get in touch to benefit from our skills or services.

Simple, piece of cake!

After all, who knows your business better than you?

BUT… if that were the case, that’s where this blog would end. The truth is, writing about one’s own business is tough.

Copywriting Mistakes

Copywriting Mistakes

Website copywriting is an investment. Good copywriting will cost you money, but it will also earn you business. Of course, you can choose to write your own content or find someone on Fiver who claims English is their first language, but ultimately it’s your business that you are serving an injustice. If you have gone down the route of creating your own website content ensure you haven’t made these copywriting mistakes.

  1. Avoid Making Your Written Content All About YOU!

What is website copywriting? It’s not all about ensuring spelling and grammar is accurate. Nor is it a mission to stuff all of your keywords into the pages of your website to ensure it ranks. It’s about delivering a clear and concise message that subtly persuades your target audience that your business can solve their issues. Copywriting is choosing the right language you connect with your readers on their level. And great copywriting focuses on your prospects, it’s not all about you!

  1. Don’t Assume Potential Customers Know What You’re Talking About

You know your business inside out and back to front. Of course, you have a level of knowledge about your business that others do not. And you know the lingo. BUT… Potential customers do not! Don’t take it for granted that they know what you’re talking about.

Someone landing on your website could be reading about what you do for the very first time. You need to spell it out. Keep it simple. Complicated, confusing text will prove a major turn off and the visitor will click away, straight into the arms of a competitor.

  1. Understand What Your Audience Cares About

While your business accomplishments and awards might enthral your family, friends and colleagues, such content is a big turn off for potential customers. Anyone visiting your site wants to know what you can do for them. So, educate them, entertain them, inspire them – promote the benefits from which they will reap when they choose to work with you.

  1. Stop Using Industry Jargon And Buzzwords

Industry jargon is confusing. Frequent use of buzzwords is frustrating and corporate language, a massive yawn-fest! To connect with your audience you need to talk to them in a language they understand. Keep it clear and concise, don’t try to be too clever.

  1. Write Purposefully With Your Strategy In Mind

Some business owners make the mistake of investing in a beautiful website and completely taking the written content for granted. They bash out text detailing… what they do, where they’re based, services or products they provide without focussing on the language, style, tone of voice, keywords, unique selling point and positioning.

Words are powerful. Words help you connect and build relationships with your intended customers. They help you rank well, to get your business found in search engines. And, they educate, entertain and inspire. When they achieve all this they generate leads and convert visitors to your site into customers.

The words contained within your website are not just words. They are part of your content marketing strategy. They have a purpose. Your copy must nurture potential leads, focus on addressing their pain points and provide the ultimate solution.


Website Copywriting SOS

Target AudienceTo create the perfect website copy we start by asking you the relevant questions and conducting research into your:

  • Business – for insight into your ethos and the benefits of your products and/or services.
  • Competitors – to fully understand your unique selling point.
  • Target audience – to ascertain how to solve their pain points and understand what makes them tick.
  • Keywords – to help you rank well on Google.

Work With Writeable – Website Copywriting Buckinghamshire

Great website content is as essential as that eye-catching website you hired a web designer for. Professional website content will connect with your target audience, get you found in search engines and help generate leads.

Now that we’ve pointed out the mistakes businesses can make when writing their content, have a read of your website. Spot any glaring issues with your web copy?

Then, get in touch with us here at Writeable for compelling website copy or blog posts to help you boost your brand online. Email us or drop us a line today for writing to rank… content to connect!

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