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Word of the Week: Obfuscate

Work of the Week: Obfuscate

ObfuscateDon’t let your website content obfuscate the message you want to deliver. We are Writeable, copywriters creating writing to rank… content to connect! We help businesses create compelling content to communicate their message clearly.

The latest ‘Word of the Week’ is ‘obfuscate’. A term that means to deliberately make something more complicated than it needs to be, bewildering or confusing. As content writers, we understand that keeping your content simple and direct is more likely to produce the desired results. Obfuscating waffle will have visitors to your website clicking away in favour of one of your competitors.


Pronounced ob-fuh-skeit, the verb shares its ob- roots with the word obscure. This refers to making something more difficult to see or understand. The first known use of obfuscate was in the 1530’s. But the term -fuscate originates from the Latin word fuscus, meaning dark brown.

Obfuscate, as well as meaning to make something more confusing, also means:

  • to darken, overshadow
  • to alter code (computing)

We are Content Writers UK

If you are attempting to write your own website content, don’t obfuscate it with industry jargon. Your potential customers will not understand it and they find what they need to know elsewhere. Obscuring the intended message of your content offers limited benefit to your readers and will not result in sales. The purpose of your website content is to attract leads and build positive connections with your audience. Therefore it is vital to write in a language your readers will understand. Finding yourself lost for words, or struggling to create content that engages, we can help!

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Writeable creates writing to rank… content to connect! This means we write content for our clients to engage with their target audience. Content that gets your website found in search engines such as Google. Our content enlightens readers and simplifies any concepts they might be less familiar with. Ultimately, our content will ensure they believe in your brand and have trust in what you do. Get in touch for more information about what we do. Give us a call on 07814 655 438 or drop us an email explaining your requirements.

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